Shimadzu: MobileArt – Mobile X-ray Imaging System

The product required many design advances in handling and maneuverability to provide substantially better mobility, and ease of use.

Mobile X-ray Imaging System
Shimadzu Medical Systems
Mobile X-ray Imaging System – MobileArt


Our client required a motorized mobile X-ray system for use in hospitals and surgical procedure rooms.

Our Ingenuity

We worked together with Shimadzu Medical Systems to:

  • Evaluate the existing design,
  • Identify value adding improvements,
  • Conduct Human Factor analysis.
  • Redesign ergonomics and user interface,
  • Transfer to Shimadzu engineering and manufacturing facility in Singapore.

Challenges included:

  • Identification of product features,
  • Enhancing ergonomics,
  • Developing a user interface that provides enhanced ease of control and maneuverability,
  • Obtaining a high quality look and feel to reflect premium product positioning.

Your Advantage

Shimadzu now claim a product that adheres to the principles of user-friendliness, down to the last detail.