StemCell Technologies: RoboSep™ –
Fully Automated Magnetic Cell Separator

RoboSep® is the world's first fully automated cell separator.

RoboSep® – Fully Automated Magnetic Cell Separator

Customizable programs allow positive or negative selection of virtually any cell type from any species. Up to four samples can be processed simultaneously.

Our Ingenuity

We collaborated with our client to help develop an automated cell separation system using the EasySep column-free technology with FACS-compatible magnetic nanoparticles.

This first of kind system labels and separates up to 4 samples at one time and includes an intuitive, touch screen, graphical user interface.

Our team designed and developed a range of system features including:

  • A single aspiration head with 5 mL & 250 ¬µL disposable tips, for zero carryover
  • A wide sample dispense range, from 12.5 ¬µL (10% inaccuracy) to 10 mL (0.5 % inaccuracy)
  • An intuitive touch screen graphical user-interface with pictorial text support and user customizable protocols
  • An automated magnetic particle separation
  • The custom disposable packaging
  • A stand alone, bench top, transportable configuration
  • A standard bio-containment hood for sterile operation
  • A design suitable to transfer to a Canadian manufacturer in Vancouver

Your Advantage

The RoboSep® and the disposables were developed from idea to transfer-to-manufacture in 14 months (first Beta prototype delivered in 12 months).

This is the world's first fully automated cell separation system, allowing true walk-away automation.