Automated Live Cell High Content Screening Platform

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Automated High Content Screening
CelTor Biosystems
In-house test platform


Our client required an automated in-house test platform for high content screening of live cells.

The system would be used in a range of drug discovery process steps from target validation to lead optimization.

The complex workstation needed to combine high performance fluorescent imaging with microfluidics technology for automation of cell-based assays.

Our Ingenuity

Working with CelTor Biosystems in Denmark and California we developed:

  • The fluidics workstation for the delivery of multichannel hydrodynamic flows
  • The microfluidics chip for steering laminar multichannel hydrodynamic flows over a cell culture
  • The optics workstation providing microscopic bright field and fluorescent imaging of cell culture in-situ on the microfluidics chip

We overcame a range of challenges including:

  • Complex multi-lane microfluidics
  • High performance fluorescence cellular imaging
  • Systems integration to enable previously unfeasible cellular assays
  • A fast development timeframe

Your Advantage

In a matter of months we developed a proprietary drug discovery platform using base technology and integrating commercial autosamplers with complex fluidics and high performance fluorescence cellularimaging.

The system enables previously unfeasible cellular assays for cell apoptosis and ADME/Tox.