Woolmark: OPTIM™ –
Wool Fibre Processing Machine Design

It is a technical advance that moves wool a step closer to realizing its full potential in the global textile industry and it is the first fundamental alteration to the wool fibre in the history of fibre processing.

Wool Fibre Processing Machine
The Woolmark Company
Winner Australian Design Award for Engineering Design
Winner Australian Design Award Powerhouse Museum Award


OPTIM™ is a state of the art fibre processing technology developed by The Woolmark Company and CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology.

Invetech was approached to develop this technology into a commercially viable production machine.

Our Ingenuity

Working with our client, we:

  • Resolved known design problems with the existing prototype
  • Designed the machine for ease of operator access for wool sliver threading over the entire 17 meter steam containment length
  • Designed the machine for compliance with relevant global standards to allow for export to all wool processing countries
  • Selected globally available mechanical, electrical and control equipment components
  • Provided convenient operator interfaces, fault monitoring and the ability to remotely diagnose via modem
  • Designed the machine for ease of transport and installation inclusive of self-contained steam extraction ducting to minimize site-specific installation requirements

Your Advantage

The OPTIM™ Wool Fibre Processing Machine design sets an exceptionally high standard in meeting functional design requirements and visually integrating a 17 meter long process while retaining ease of fabrication and assembly.

The revolutionary nature of the fibre processing, and its premium niche position in the fibre market is matched and enhanced by the clean, simple and elegant lines of the design.