Thin Foil Handling Manufacturing Process

Our client had developed a world leading technology that required a novel approach to packaging and manufacturing to meet the target cost of goods and the high market volumes.

Thin Foil Handling Manufacturing Process
Concurrent development of an innovative new thin foil product and the associated automated manufacturing process

Our Ingenuity

Invetech worked closely with our client to develop a patented product and patented manufacturing technology for the high-volume multi-layer, thin foil product. The fully automated production machine included the following features:

  • Precision handling and processing of delicate thin foil materials,
  • flexibility to manufacture a range of product variants to suit the rapidly evolving market requirements,
  • automatic loading and packaging, and
  • 100%, automatic on-line QC.

Your Advantage

By developing the product and process concurrently, our team delivered commercial advantages including:

  • A product and process that was IP protected and enabled our client to produce their product at lower cost than their competitors,
  • lower operating costs and reduced capital investment with a single, fully integrated machine replacing what would normally have required 3 separate machines and additional materials handling and storage.