CAP-XX: High-Volume Automated Assembly & Testing

Based on market demand for their novel product, CAP-XX needed to scale-up their production capacity, maximize product quality and achieve a lower cost of goods for a family of products.

High-Volume Automatic Assembly and Testing
Robotic assembly, printing and testing of high-volume product.

Our Ingenuity

Working with our client, we developed an automated robotic assembly system for a family of small, precision products.

The system included the following features:

  • Scanning and printing of unique identification numbers for product traceability
  • on-line punching of contacts
  • precision robotic loading and handling of individual components
  • printing of product information and company logo
  • precision folding of packaging laminate

Your Advantage

The end result was a fully automated assembly system capable of production equivalent to the output of 14 operators using manual processes in a clean room.

Additionally, we delivered a flexible system, capable of a number of product variants with minimal change over time.