CAP-XX: Controlled Processing Environment

Our client needed to produce high quality, high-volume products extremely sensitive to contamination from moisture, oxygen and other particulates. Manual processing was not practical given the environmental conditions required and would not satisfy the target cost of goods required.

CAP-XX – Controlled Processing Environment
Automated product dosing, sealing and testing in a highly controlled atmosphere
Winner 2009 Medical Design Excellence Awards, In Vitro Diagnostics.

Our Ingenuity

Working with our client, we developed a patented manufacturing technology for high-volume drying, dosing, sealing and testing of devices in a glove box environment. The machine included the following features:

  • Cyclic temperature and drying of batches of product
  • automated, high-volume precision dosing and sealing of individual devices in a glove box with a very dry environment
  • 100%, on-line product testing

Your Advantage

We delivered a fully automated process covering materials handling through to quality control, which also enabled high quality products in large volumes.

The system was later replicated and installed in sites across Australia and South East Asia, enabling our client to scale-up their production in low-cost regions.