Quadraspec: Inspira – Sample Processor Development

Our client required a sample processor prototype within three months.

Inspira Sample Processor Development
Quadraspec LLC
(West Lafayette, IN - USA)
Inspira System - Sample Processor

Our Ingenuity

Our team worked closely with our client to rapidly define and solve key issues to help develop a first prototype sample processor. This included:

  • The definition and refinement of instrument requirements,
  • Solving technical challenges and mitigating technical risk, and
  • Identifying novel solutions to conflicting challenges.

The system, embodying an off the shelf liquid handling system, was designed to enable

  • The manual load of a BioCD,
  • Accurate access to sample wells on the disc for liquid handling activities,
  • Spinning the disc at high speed.

Your Advantage

Invetech delivered a new technology platform for our client to take to market within a tight timeframe. The prototype was delivered in three months from project start, and took ten months to transfer to production. Our novel approach resulted in new IP, which was transferred to our client.