Bio-Rad Laboratories: BioPlex® 2200 – Fully Automated Immunoassay Instrument Development

Invetech was approached to provide turnkey instrument development and contract manufacture for a fully automated immunoassay instrument capable of up to 2200 results per hour.

BioPlex™ 2200 – Fully Automated Immunoassay Instrument Development
Bio-Rad Laboratories
(Hercules, CA - USA)
BioPlex® 2200

Our Ingenuity

Building on our client's magnetic bead technology we developed the instrument concept, designed and developed a high throughput random access instrument, combining multiplex immunoassay detection and state-of-the-art control software, providing high throughput random access assays with extraordinary flexibility and performance.

Our integrated team of designers, scientists and engineers, focused on:

  • Concept generation, including thorough ergonomic design and incorporating end user input, ensured convenient front access for all operator interactions
  • Hardware development (including fluidics, robotics, heating, cooling and magnetic separation)
  • Software for control, sample scheduling and service
  • Prototype build, test and qualification (44 units)
  • Chemistry testing and instrument verification
  • Ongoing instrument production in-house

Effective communications and a solid understanding of user needs were critical to success. Each stage of the project focused on the design and commissioning of a prototype iteration. Each prototype iteration supported assay development and incrementally added to instrument features, performance and ultimate reliability.

Key features included:

  • Magnetic bead incubation, agitation, washing and separation
  • Reagent pack refrigeration (40C)
  • Real-time control of 40+ robots & pumps to provide random access processing
  • Capability of delivering 2200 results/hour up to 22 results per specimen and 100 specimens/hour + STAT capability

The instrument was transferred to our in-house manufacturing facility for pilot production with the support of our project team. On-going assistance for the in-production instrument design is also provided.

Your Advantage

A breakthrough in clinical diagnostic technology, opening up a new clinical market for our client.

This fully automated random access multiplexed testing system offers significant laboratory cost savings through consolidation, efficiency and reduced time to result.

The result is a ground breaking diagnostics instrument that

  • Improves workflow efficiency
  • Improves testing and diagnostic outcomes
  • Improves turnaround time for test results
  • Greatly increases testing capacity