Scholle: Bag-in-Box™ – Liquid Dispensing Tap Design

The world's leading supplier of 'bag-in-box' packaging, Scholle Industries, approached Invetech with a substantial challenge. Their wine cask tap had reached the end of its useful life.

Scholle Bag-in-Box™
Scholle Industries
Optiserve™ dispensing tap
Winner 2006 Bronze Medal, Australian Packaging Awards.

The design was uncomfortable to use, the tooling old and beyond repair. The biggest challenge however, was that the technical data for the design had been lost over time; there was no materials data and no detail design information. A blank sheet of paper redesign was required.

Our Ingenuity

The challenges when designing a new wine tap include:

  • It must pop onto the bag easily after filling, but not come off when in use
  • It must be easy and comfortable to snap open and dispense but still seal tightly, and remain so, especially during transportation
  • It must be a material that will not taint the wine, nor absorb flavour from the wine

Our new design met all of these requirements but only after undertaking a thorough and systematic process.

Substantial analysis and modelling was undertaken to evaluate performance of alternate designs, whilst many plastic alloys were formulated and tested in order to identify the best cost/performance option.

Prototype tooled parts were created based on the detailed analysis and much wine, and water, was dispensed in testing and validating the designs.

Your Advantage

The end result is continued market leadership for Scholle, and a comprehensively documented design that will last a decade or more.