National Foods: Pura PET – Milk Bottle Design

Our client's brand was the only nationwide brand for fresh milk products and the largest selling food item in Australian supermarkets. They recognized that innovation in packaging was essential to building brand awareness and critical to its on-going success in an increasingly competitive market.

Pura PET Milk Bottle
National Foods
A market-first PET milk bottle

Our Ingenuity

Working with our client, we designed a new bottle that would capture market share and maintain a link with the "heritage" value that consumers placed on traditional glass milk bottles.

The design took into account marketing and manufacturing factors, as well as the current high-speed filling and capping processes.

Other considerations included the logistics for getting the product to market and the in-store display facilities.

To achieve our client's goals we ran a design process that was highly interactive with marketing, advertising, tooling, production and filling requirements.

Concepts were developed into high-quality images for evaluation, using our extensive CAD facilities and rapid prototypes were produced for label development and bottle handling trials. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was undertaken to ensure compliance with existing capping and filling equipment and close communication was maintained with our client's tooling and production resources.

Your Advantage

Our team developed a design that combined the heritage of glass with the convenience and functionality of plastic.

The bottle was designed for easy handling by incorporating a resealable screw cap and a large neck for easy pouring. It also maintained existing packing densities, and was compatible with all retail handling procedures and display facilities.

We delivered the end result in a record time-to-market for our client, with the launch 11 weeks after the project started.

In addition, we enabled National Foods to grow their market share by 7% and demand a premium price whilst growing their overall market.