Reckitt Benckiser: Innovative, Low-cost, Safe & Humane Mousetrap

Our team developed a user-friendly black disc, resembling an ice hockey puck, but rather than having a solid interior, its lightweight, plastic exterior contains inbuilt indicators to tell the user when the trap has been set and when the mouse has been caught.

No View, No Touch Mouse Trap
Reckitt Benckiser
No See, No Touch Mouse Trap
Winner 2005 Australian Design Award


Research conducted by our client found that consumers wanted a device in which they did not have to see or touch a dead mouse.

Invetech was approached to help:

  • Create a "No see, No touch" concept
  • meet tight cost targets
  • generate IP around the new design

Our Ingenuity

Our innovation tools and structured ideation process generated 100s of ideas, which were short-listed and tested to identify the best candidates. The final result was delivered into manufacture, well under the manufactured cost target.

From a manufacturing perspective, the innovative design involves few moving parts and can be mass-produced via the use of basic injection moulding methods and simple tools.

Your Advantage

The No See, No Touch mousetrap is a simple but highly effective, low cost, easy to use and safe solution to pest control in the home.

The project from idea to first shipped unit took less than 12 months and since launch, has become recognised as one of the world's best mouse traps and is now a global market leader.