CSR: Golden Syrup Product Re-positioning and Packaging Design

CSR Refined Sugar's markets were mainly in highly competitive products with very little product differentiation. They needed to identify new commercialisation opportunities to improve product value add and margins.

CSR Golden Syrup Packaging Design
Golden Syrup

Our Ingenuity

Working with our client, our team utilised their skills in both product development and design, to customise a development process that would enable our client to identify commercialisation opportunities and assist with their ongoing development needs.

Using this process, we identified an opportunity to add value to the existing Golden Syrup product by modifying the way it was used and re-positioning it in the market place.

The key to this new opportunity was a no-drip valve, which allowed CSR to market a "mess-free" product.

Our process involved:

  • Market testing and value analysis of selected concepts
  • sourcing and tooling strategy
  • assistance in market positioning and the commercialisation program

Your Advantage

The squeezable Golden Syrup was launched and successfully repositioned from a baking ingredient to a topping ingredient.

It achieved a higher than originally predicted price leading to higher margins due to its very innovative top. The packaging design was also well integrated into the current manufacturing operations.

In addition, we delivered an effective and efficient new product development process that fit our client's existing quality management process.