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31 July 2012

SDBJ Innovation Awards 2012
June 20, 2012 / San Diego, C

More than 100 companies and institutions, ranging from biotech to finance to cleantech, which had been featured over the past year in the Innovation section of the San Diego Business Journal (SDBJ), were invited as finalists to the inaugural Innovation Awards, which took place June 20th at the University Club Atop Symphony Towers.

Invetech was featured in April last year for helping companies translate product ideas to manufacturing through award-winning design innovation.The companies were evaluated on their innovative spirit and ability to stretch boundaries. The room was full and everyone was excited to hear about the award-winning technologies. Below is a list of the companies that received the SDBJ Innovation Awards 2012 and a description of their key innovations.

Biotech / E. William Radany / Verdezyne Inc.

Company Info: Carlsbad-based synthetic biology company
The innovation: Invented a genetically-engineered strain of yeast that is being used to boost production of ethanol and create renewable industrial chemicals.
Uses: cost-effective, earth-friendly that can be used in products ranging from nylon to furniture to auto parts.

Consumer Products / Scott Seligman / Smart Blocks Inc.

Company Info: Vista-based toy manufacturing company
The innovation: Invented a system of interlocking plastic blocks that “speak” lessons to children when they are connected.
Uses: Encourages problem solving and creativity in children.

Finance / Dave Dutch / PayLease LLC

Company Info: on-line payment support system Company
The innovation: Invented user friendly system for on-line check and credit card payments with detailed reporting, almost instantaneously.
Uses: Facilitates online rental payments to property management companies and homeowner associations.

Sports Marketing / Robert Reynolds / Superheat

Company Info: Carlsbad-based sport trading card company
The innovation: Developed new line of trading cards for new generation that feature pro skateboarders and strategy-based game that uses them.
Uses: Inexpensive trading cards for teens and preteens to have FUN.

Green Energy / Kris Skrinak / AdaptiveARC Inc

Company Info: Encinitas-based eco-friendly waste treatment company
The innovation: Invented “Cool Plasma Gasification” technique that turns nonrecyclable waste into clean energy along with the machinery needed to do it.
Uses: Portable unit used in industrial recycling companies and municipalities to turn waste into electricity.

Medical Devices / Craig Misrach / Freedom Meditech Inc

Company Info: San Diego based medical device company
The innovation: Developed non-invasive test that scans eye with light to monitor and screen for blood glucose.
Uses: A rapid, non-invasive, fast, no blood draw or bio hazard waste device that allows monitoring of glucose levels in diabetic patients.

Medical Research (TIE) / Eric Courchesne, PhD and Karen Pierce, PhD / UCSD School of Med Autism Center of Excellence (ACE)

Company Info: 1 of 6 original autism centers in the country funded by the National Institutes of Health
The innovation: Dr. Courschesne efforts have produced new information about structural, functional and genetic bases of the disorder. Dr. Pierce utilizes MRI scans to study functional brain development in autistic children.
Uses: Help doctors detect at-risk children for autism as young as 12-months in age.

Medical Research (TIE) / Santosh Kesari, MD, PhD / UCSD Moores Cancer Center

Company Info: La-Jolla based cancer research center
The innovation: Innovative approach to treat brain cancer by focusing on the DNA fingerprint of patient’s tumor as well as location and size.
Uses: The print reveals the set of genes and mutation that drive the growth and spread of cancer which aids in the development of therapeutics.

Software / Jim DeBello / Mitek Systems Inc

Company Info: Mobile banking company
The innovation: Invented mobile capture products that allow cell-phone banking transactions
Uses: Allows bank and credit union customers with smart phones to scan and transmit images of checks for deposit into checking/savings account.

Technology / Bob Atkins / Cymer Inc

Company Info: San Diego based laser company
The innovation: Invented laser light sources used in computer chips and integrated circuits
Uses: Used in portable and communication devices, television and computers

Mobile Device / Eric Groset and Rob DeFay / Zipbuds LLC

Company Mission: Audio speaker company
The innovation: Invented ultra-portable speakers that greatly improve a cell phone’s audio
Uses: Cell phones and any device that needs audio output

For more than 30 years, we have worked with diagnostics, life sciences, medical devices, industrial, and consumer and clean-tech industries to translate innovations into breakthrough products. We are excited to be a part of the innovative San Diego community and look forward to help create important, game-changing products for the worldwide marketplace.

Invetech has received numerous awards and recognitions for creating innovative products with our clients. We would love to make your product award-winning. Give us a call or email us here. Or connect with us at our next event.

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