David James at Bio 2011: Therapies of Tomorrow Require More Than Factories from the Past

27 May 2011

Bio International Convention

David James, Invetech's Director of Life Science and Pharmaceutical, will present at the 2011 BIOProcess Theatre at the BIO International Convention to be held June 27-30, in Washington DC.

Cell therapy is an exciting and rapidly advancing field of medicine that could have a significant impact on how we treat a vast array of diseases. For the industry to reach its full potential however, it must achieve commercially viable small-batch processing, and the technology used to do this will require more than the cleanroom-based factories of the past.

Join David to find out how several cell therapy companies have already invested in developing innovative closed, automated systems, delivering significant cost, quality, and scale-up benefits over existing manual, cleanroom-based processing strategies, and have changed the paradigm to deliver therapies at a cost that was not thought possible.


11:00am - 11:25am, Tuesday, June 28th
Commercializing Cell Therapy
The BioProcess Theatre @ BioProcess Zone (Booth 1563)

To be held during the 2011 Bio International Convention
June 27-30
Walter E. Washington Convention Center

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