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Invetech sponsors denkfest, Zurich

19 July 2011

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Dr. Andreas Koch, Invetech's Business Development Manager, Switzerland, will chair "Cutting Edge Science" at the inaugural denkfest event in Volkshaus Zurich, 8 - 11 September.

Organised by the Freethinkers Association of Switzerland, denkfest aims to promote the public's understanding of science and the approach to critical and innovative thinking, in an entertaining atmosphere. In German, denkfest, is a play with words, meaning both "think hard" and "thought festival".

Cutting Edge Science brings together key industry representatives including:

  • Ueli Straumann, Professor for experimental physics at Zürich University.
    Ueli represents the Swiss scientific community in the CERN Council and is head of the Collaboration Board of the Large Hadron Collider experiment LHCb at the CERN.
  • Melody Swartz, Professor at the Institute of Bioengineering at the EPF Lausanne.
    Melody's lab researches the lymphatic system and how it actively regulates immune responses and cancer metastasis. Melody will talk about trends in immunobioengineering.
  • Felix Schürmann, Physics researcher at the EPF Lausanne, where he currently works as General Project Manager of the Blue Brain Project, which attempts to reverse-engineer the brain using supercomputers.

Please note, presentations will be held either in German or English, and will be simultaneously translated throughout.

To learn more about the event and register, visit the denkfest website.

8-11 September
Volkshaus, Stauffacherstrasse 60
Zurich, Switzerland

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