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15 June 2012

BIOCOM 6th Annual Med Device & Diagnostics Expo
May 15, 2012 / La Jolla, CA

This year’s Med Device & Diagnostics Expo was noticeably larger than last year. Sixteen medical device and diagnostic companies exhibited and were evaluated for five awards, including a People’s Choice award.  Stakes were high, and everyone was excited to show their products. 

Expo Judges

“Far Out” and “People’s Choice”/ Ichor Medical Systems

Health issue or need: Better, cheaper, faster vaccines. 
Current standard or problem: DNA vaccines fit this description but have delivery issue. Cells don’t like to take in extracellular DNA.
Previous approaches: To get the cells to take in the DNA vaccine, a tiny electric field is generated. Previous approaches are two-step: 1) inject the vaccine and 2) apply the electric field
The innovation: Ichor’s TriGridTM is a one button does all delivery system
The revolution: DNA vaccines may be more effective in diseases, such as HIV, parasitic diseases, cancer, and Alzheimer’s, which are not currently addressed by other vaccine types.
Product status: Phase 1 initiated December 2011

“Life Changing” / ImpediMed*

Health issue or need: Lymphedema is a disease where there is swelling in the limbs because of obstruction in the normal circulation of fluid in the lymph system. It can be caused during the treatment of cancer, mostly from breast cancer, or from other accidents and conditions.
Current standard or problem: It’s normally detected by visual inspection, which may miss the disease in early state.
The innovation: Now with ImpediMed’s L-Dex® U400 lymphedema can be detected by a simple arm or leg cuff that measures the different accumulations in extracellular fluid in the tissue.
The revolution: A noninvasive diagnostic that provides reliable measurements for indication of disease that can be tracked over time.
Product status: Launched November 2011

“Why Didn’t I Think of That?” / FemCap

Health issue or need: Better and safer menstruation products
Current standard or problem: Pads and tampons
The innovation: Adapted from a device used to collect menstrual blood stem cells, FemmyCycle is a silicone collection vessel that can be used for up to 12 hours.
The revolution: Safer, more hygienic, less expensive and less waste.
Product status:  On market in Europe in June, in US in December

“I Would Invest in This” /  Yolia Health

Health issue or need: Presbyopia, an eye condition that affects everyone over the age of 40 and causes difficulty in focusing on near objects
Current standard or problem: glasses or corrective surgical procedures, like LASIK
The innovation: A procedure called True Vision Treatment® combines personalized contact lenses and specially formulated eye drops that adjust the cornea shape to improve vision
The revolution: Non-invasive, self-administered, fully reversible, lasts up to a year
Product status:  Pre-commercial

Although the Expo has ended, we know the companies and teams are continuing to work hard everyday to create new products to better treat and diagnose disease.  We are excited to be a member of BIOCOM and to help companies like these translate innovation into new products that help patients.

For more than 30 years, we have worked with diagnostics, life sciences, medical devices, industrial, consumer and clean-tech industries to translate innovations into breakthrough products.  Invetech has received numerous awards and recognitions for creating innovative products with our clients.  We would love to make your product award-winning. Give us a call or email us here. Or connect with us at our next event.

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