Invetech presents at Ausbiotech 2010 on Cell Therapy Commercialisation

11 October 2010

Cell Therapies is a rapidly emerging therapeutic field that has the potential to revolutionise the therapeutic industry. Cell therapies are being investigated for an increasing range of applications to treat infectious diseases such as AIDS, repair spinal cord injuries, repair cartilage, strengthen immune systems, and treat neurological disorders.

Australia is playing a significant role both in terms of the therapies being developed and the technologies required to commercialise them. This presents a significant opportunity to attract global interest in what we are doing in Australia as well as providing the local industry with insight into what is happening in the global market.

To find out more about the challenges being faced in the Cell Therapy market, how companies globally are addressing these and the vital role that Australian companies are playing to help, join us at Ausbiotech 2010.

Ausbiotech 2010
11.30am, Wednesday 20th October
Melbourne Exhibition Centre

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