World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine 2012

21-23 MAY 2012

World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine

The World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine 2012 is the region's largest stem cells and regenerative medicine industry conference.

This year, David James, Invetech Director, Life Science and Pharmaceutical will lead a panel of experts in a disucssion about the need for foresight and understanding the future manufacturing process before going to commercialisation.

Key points will include:

  • How can you calculate commercial viability of a therapy before it is too late?
  • Identifying future costs of manufacturing to confirm worthiness of continuing development?
  • What will be the logistical implications of manufacturing your product?
  • What are the problems with demonstrating identical products at two different manufacturing sites?
  • Understanding cost of therapy, likeliness of gaining reimbursement and the extent of market penetration is crucial when assessing the cost of manufacturing the therapy

Session Details:
Day 2 - Stream A: Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine
Time: 3.25pm

World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine 2012
21-23 May 2012
Victoria Park Plaza, London, UK

For more information go to http://www.terrapinn.com/2012/stemcells/.