We specialize in providing full-spectrum product realization services for a broad range of market sectors, including laboratory diagnostics, point of care diagnostics, cell therapy, life sciences, industrial and consumer products.


Invetech has a 30-year history of creating successful products and manufacturing systems. Changing attitudes toward the environment are impacting consumer trends and Government policies, and driving interest in developing new, clean technology products.

New opportunities are constantly emerging for new products, services and processes that, not only meet demanding regulatory regimes, but also provide efficient and planet-friendly clean technologies.

Invetech has over 30 years' experience creating new products and manufacturing systems for clients across a range of markets. With more than 5,000 projects completed, we have the capability and proven record of developing Cleantech solutions in:

  • Energy generation
  • Storage & efficiency
  • Waste & wastewater management
  • Water conservation & management
  • Water treatment
  • Air & environment
  • Materials
  • Manufacturing & industrial

Our expertise includes fully integrated in-house capabilities in:

  • ISO-compliant Product Development Processes
  • RoHS compliant designs
  • Industrial design and human factors engineering
  • Compact electronics and user-interface design
  • Sophisticated data processing
  • Miniaturised detection and measurement systems involving a range of sensing technologies

We Manage Your Risk

Our staged approach and proven best practices enable us to help manage commercial and technical outcomes.

We explore all aspects of each solution with you so that an informed choice can be made about which option is best for you.

We Share the Development Journey

Through close collaboration, we leverage your market and customer knowledge and integrate this with our own broad industry experience in innovation, design and engineering. Together we develop your core technology into a market-ready product.

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